Thursday, October 21, 2010


"Schocking!"  That's how MLB network described the Giants' 3-1 NLCS lead over the Phillies.  Shocking?  To whom is it shocking?  Oh, everybody who thought the Phils would roll, that's who.

"Phils in five."
"Uh, I don't know about that.  We should give the Giants more credit than that.  Phils in six."

Yes, that's the way most of the people "in the know" talked about the series before it began.  Neither scenario is possible now.  And of course, game 1, where Tim Lincecum outpitched Roy Halladay, was the Giants lone half-expected win.

I simply haven't had time to blog about these games so far, I've been so busy late at night watching highlights from the games I haven't been able to see on TV.  Anything can happen on any day in baseball.  Anything can happen in October, including the Phils rebounding to win.  But the Giants winning the pennant can also happen.  And that can happen tonight.  GO GIANTS!



Blogger shallowfrozenwater said...

i've got to be honest, i was one guy saying that the Phils were going to roll through the Giants in this series. i just didn't see that the Giants had the sticks they needed to stay with a Phillies staff that i just thought was the better one. well, i was completely wrong, the Giants have had more than enough to meet the grade. i'm pretty shocked at how this series has gone actually.
this game 5 matchup is more than a little bit crucial for the Phils ... obviously.

10:48 AM, October 21, 2010  
Blogger Steve Scott said...

That's okay. It's just when that's the "official" position after all the Cinderella and underdog stories in history. I prefer to be the underdog, as they would be again in the WS if they get there. The Giants staff is the best in baseball, top to bottom, and just had the best September of any team since the '65 Dodgers. Pitching like this can win, even with a no-hit wonder like our lineup.

12:30 PM, October 21, 2010  

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