Monday, January 10, 2011

From The Bleachers Is Moving!

From The Bleachers is moving to a new site!  Yes, a new From the Bleachers is being put together behind the scenes and will be up and running soon. 

I am updating the blog layout to include some newer blog features.  You see, this current blog is ancient, in blog years that is.  It was created using 2005 technology.  Now that we're in 2011, I can now add many features to the blog to make it more functional, more easy to use for both me and the readers, and more able to access old posts.  When this blog moves, I'll be using a different blog address.  An address I've wanted since the beginning was already taken and has recently become available.  So I snagged it and will be using it at the same time as the format change.

Keep an eye open for the change, as it will be coming soon.  Those who follow or who link to From The Bleachers will want to update their own sites.  Thanks for reading.



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